Investing without Actual Efforts?

I don’t understand why people believe that rich people invest without putting efforts into their investment. Quite frankly, of all rich people I know, of those who are at top 1% income, none of them are there by chance (unless by inheritance). They are there because they totally deserve it, due to a few good decisions. None of them invest their way up without putting efforts. I only notice these type of people:

  1. Passive Investor – Who put a lot of efforts in analysis and understanding market trend, market culture and company leadership. However there are times that go beyond simple analysis. Putting on a show today is simply too easy? Not many people succeed here unless they have serious amount of cash and got really lucky with a few investments.
  2. Executor – Those who only invest in projects they do. I’m this kind of investor. I generally do not see any investment more worthwhile than projects I do because I believe in my potential which is almost limitless. I do things with overwhelming passion.
  3. Hybrid – This is the interesting part and most people fall here. I notice most rich people have a solid business model which generate enough revenue and profit for their lifestyles. Say Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, both of them have Microsoft and Facebook to back up in case their investment portfolio goes south. So it doesn’t matter what they invest, they can still come back given enough time. Like AMD CEO, that guy is a crazy dude with stupid spending habits, he still manages to come back after few rounds of good years with AMD (thanks to Bitcoin).

So let me make a conclusion. Fuck investment schemes! All of them are rubbish! All of them!

Yes you hear me right?! Seriously you have a whole life ahead of you to do lots of shits and why put on a passive income? I mean, why people do not work hard to be rich. I mean what are the odds of becoming rich by becoming passive? For those who think that money just falls by investing in some plans, you will be deeply sorry. There are no free lunch in the world.


I guess people are just so gullible. So it is very important for people like me to create a solid business model.

Bitter, not?

An interesting read shared by TZK about his friend who only posted positive stuff on social media. Well It’s true that it’s so damn easy to do that, even me. However when comes to practicality I realize that it’s simply too hard to stay positive at all times. Like how these times should be very enjoyable (I’m in Shanghai) but somehow deep inside me I feel heartbroken in every way possible.

I’m thinking what I’m doing with my life like I’m getting nowhere with all the hard works being poured into. Is it a price I have to pay for trying to make things happen? I wonder.

Perhaps everyone would feel down if there were me. It’s true. Most would definitely go insane, or else, go panicked but here I’m just well, worried? bitter? tired?

Perhaps that’s a sign of strength as I have to modify my title to something more positive. Perhaps I’m wired this way to see things in the right manner and something that leads me forward. After all blogging to me is a self discovery autobiography as you read what you are thinking you actually become wiser as you tend to see things in the third person perspective.

This trip has a lot of purposes and it further reaffirms me of the observations I have, hmm. observation? More like conclusion. Most people are just toooooo lazy like seriously. Hence gotta work harder to level up the game and things as I realize that there are just too many things we should be focusing on.

So let’s take my time to truly enjoy all the moments while I still can before I have to go back to the warzone and start kicking people’s asses like I always do. Thank God that my eyes are “finally a pair of eyes”. Duh

Let’s see a few more months of hustle is going to result and if 5 months are going to end, (probably around April 2017) I can’t wait for it to happen.


It feels kind of scary to have my vision reduced to half. I can’t even stare at the monitor for long and I can’t see any word onthe screen clearly. Seriously this pink eye think scared me so much and I am glad I am on my way towards full recovery.

So yeah basically I am writing this post with my eyes closed simply because I can’t read the words properly. It’s like seeing things through blurred lens.

Alright let’s get straight to the point. I’m writing this to rant about things I deem not right. To be, we should always strive to be the best as an entrepreneur. I am against people who reap hard works of people without doing any ground work or research. To me, most angel investor, VC or whatever you call it are bullshit. Seriously I don’t understand why most investors don’t actually care what they invest. A lot of things are overly invested with little to no value. For example, SnapChat, I don’t see the purpose of dumping so much money into one particular app and trying to make it work. Sometimes the world is kind of crazy with stupid ideas being so bloated. Nobody actually put attention to build something really solid to solve the world’s problem. That’s one.

I realize that most entrepreneurs get complacent eventually. For example, Mark Zuckerberg. Yes I understand that that’s his baby Facebook. Perhaps he is aiming for world’s domination but what kind of satisfaction would you gain from this kind of “monopoly”? Perhaps it’s fun but I don’t see why one should be doing something like that when they are so many things we could achieve in life.

As I read through the net worth of the world’s richest people I suddenly think that all those figures are actually achievable. We are not looking at astronomical figures. Figures like billion dollars net worth, are actually quite achievable when you put all your efforts in doing something meaningful for the public and the world. I look around myself and the world, I simply realize that there are simply too many problems in the world for us to solve. Look at how poor most countries and and how much potential they can grow into, and I’m wondering why people only focus on the short term goals.  I believe with my mentality, I could eventually be an influential person. That’s two.

Here is the interesting part – ethics. I always regard myself as someone who would not bend to any shit for money. No compromise. So here someone is getting on my nerve trying to give me hell through some suit that demand millions of dollar. I mean seriously, I’m just 26 and what the hell you want from me? What did I ever do to deserve this? I don’t understand how people could be so mean to say things like I deserve all these shits and it should be a lesson to be learnt. Alright, I did say some stuff but that is never enough to warrant that! Come on, how would anyone with a reasonable mind would know! I swear I have in my life never say anything publicly on any media against someone’s favor. I must say that guy who made that comment must be out of his mind or simply stupid. There is no way he could have made it better than what I have done. Yeah man this is a legit rant. So after paying a great deal of money having gone through a major ordeal (seriously travelling all over for answers), I have come to the conclusion I need to do what is right for myself. After all, I can’t just sit there and do nothing or else people will deem me as a coward.

Last but not least, I wanna study more on things I am interested to. I think that people don’t actually invest in creative and expect things to be miraculously be better.  Such is the mentality of Malaysian bosses. They are horrible bad employers with no regards to the well being of employees. How the hell you are going to attract the right talents in your company and also deliver world class products and services? Seriously I am no way interested to serve people like these other than Mr Lai Tek Kean (definitely not the older brother). I see that he really value talents who could add value to his team. This leads me to respect him even more. I’m not sure what he went through to become a person like these. So yeah, what triggered me to say this is a simple fact that in production of videos, equipment are extremely important. Doing videos is an expensive endeavor and your equipment is synonymous with your product quality unless you want to frustrate yourself with funny unnecessary challenges that rake up all the time. Seriously, I have 0 respect for people who do not appreciate the work of talents. After all, look at the talent pool within our market and you can understand why only small group of people can actually achieve in this. Who would want to squeeze their brains for no reasons? Like i said I am not willing to do anything for those undeserving employers. I’m glad this time around I am not in that pathetic category but someone who can make a change in all these scenes so I am going to make a major change in the scene starting with our company. Although it’s going to take a lot from my personal share but I believe by leading by example, people are going to follow just like how Mr Lai is doing. He leads by example and show people how this is done.

Having too much freedom can be a good and bad thing. The good thing is that freedom you can do whatever shit you want but the bad thing is that you tend to over think and a perfectionist like me i just don’t stop braining myself out to think all the possibilities.

Not sure who I am trying to impress but it seems I have the tendency to try to praise certain people. Well I do really hope one day I could come to build my own software and production house, in a bungalow, giving a above avarage pay in the market, fuuu.

Throughout my fun journey, well gotta call it fun or else I would call it a fucking struggle! So yeah, I realize that if I trust myself more and do more research upon something I usually yield unexpected results and know a lot of shits that are going to be beneficial. I mean, I don’t understand why people can’t just pay attention to the details and try to understand the whole picture. Sometimes I wish I am immortal and I can learn all the shits in the world and really become omnipotent in all aspects so I can change the world and rectify all the shortcoming of the world. haha! Alright this is a crazy thought.

I’ll stop writing my crazy idea and thought for today. Adios

Hi, it’s my first blog post!

I wonder how many times I started a blog and then deleted it. So let’s start again, writing shits about the world. If you ask me, the world is seriously beautiful. However there are just too many lazy people who are seeking for easy money. I mean seriously, I am a champion of “you reap what you sow”. I don’t mean I deserve everything I have now, but I know the time and effort I put into my work aren’t something 99% of the population could stomach. I hate people trying to justify how they deserve something when they don’t work for it.

I tend to write without giving a title or so because at the end of the day blog is meant to express yourself in a convenient way. I’m writing to impress myself, not anyone else. So I installed this WordPress and activated the SSL! Wee! Seriously who the hell want to bother about SSL. Like I’m interested to steal your information or your info has any use to me.

As a matter of fact people are simply paranoid of technology, asking for “privacy”. Like it’s possible in the era of internet. Even in the past, you can’t escape the prying eyes.

Last but not least, I believe in justice, only when I’m right. Seriously, who doesn’t?