Hi, it’s my first blog post!

I wonder how many times I started a blog and then deleted it. So let’s start again, writing shits about the world. If you ask me, the world is seriously beautiful. However there are just too many lazy people who are seeking for easy money. I mean seriously, I am a champion of “you reap what you sow”. I don’t mean I deserve everything I have now, but I know the time and effort I put into my work aren’t something 99% of the population could stomach. I hate people trying to justify how they deserve something when they don’t work for it.

I tend to write without giving a title or so because at the end of the day blog is meant to express yourself in a convenient way. I’m writing to impress myself, not anyone else. So I installed this WordPress and activated the SSL! Wee! Seriously who the hell want to bother about SSL. Like I’m interested to steal your information or your info has any use to me.

As a matter of fact people are simply paranoid of technology, asking for “privacy”. Like it’s possible in the era of internet. Even in the past, you can’t escape the prying eyes.

Last but not least, I believe in justice, only when I’m right. Seriously, who doesn’t?

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