Bitter, not?

An interesting read shared by TZK about his friend who only posted positive stuff on social media. Well It’s true that it’s so damn easy to do that, even me. However when comes to practicality I realize that it’s simply too hard to stay positive at all times. Like how these times should be very enjoyable (I’m in Shanghai) but somehow deep inside me I feel heartbroken in every way possible.

I’m thinking what I’m doing with my life like I’m getting nowhere with all the hard works being poured into. Is it a price I have to pay for trying to make things happen? I wonder.

Perhaps everyone would feel down if there were me. It’s true. Most would definitely go insane, or else, go panicked but here I’m just well, worried? bitter? tired?

Perhaps that’s a sign of strength as I have to modify my title to something more positive. Perhaps I’m wired this way to see things in the right manner and something that leads me forward. After all blogging to me is a self discovery autobiography as you read what you are thinking you actually become wiser as you tend to see things in the third person perspective.

This trip has a lot of purposes and it further reaffirms me of the observations I have, hmm. observation? More like conclusion. Most people are just toooooo lazy like seriously. Hence gotta work harder to level up the game and things as I realize that there are just too many things we should be focusing on.

So let’s take my time to truly enjoy all the moments while I still can before I have to go back to the warzone and start kicking people’s asses like I always do. Thank God that my eyes are “finally a pair of eyes”. Duh

Let’s see a few more months of hustle is going to result and if 5 months are going to end, (probably around April 2017) I can’t wait for it to happen.

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