Investing without Actual Efforts?

I don’t understand why people believe that rich people invest without putting efforts into their investment. Quite frankly, of all rich people I know, of those who are at top 1% income, none of them are there by chance (unless by inheritance). They are there because they totally deserve it, due to a few good decisions. None of them invest their way up without putting efforts. I only notice these type of people:

  1. Passive Investor – Who put a lot of efforts in analysis and understanding market trend, market culture and company leadership. However there are times that go beyond simple analysis. Putting on a show today is simply too easy? Not many people succeed here unless they have serious amount of cash and got really lucky with a few investments.
  2. Executor – Those who only invest in projects they do. I’m this kind of investor. I generally do not see any investment more worthwhile than projects I do because I believe in my potential which is almost limitless. I do things with overwhelming passion.
  3. Hybrid – This is the interesting part and most people fall here. I notice most rich people have a solid business model which generate enough revenue and profit for their lifestyles. Say Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, both of them have Microsoft and Facebook to back up in case their investment portfolio goes south. So it doesn’t matter what they invest, they can still come back given enough time. Like AMD CEO, that guy is a crazy dude with stupid spending habits, he still manages to come back after few rounds of good years with AMD (thanks to Bitcoin).

So let me make a conclusion. Fuck investment schemes! All of them are rubbish! All of them!

Yes you hear me right?! Seriously you have a whole life ahead of you to do lots of shits and why put on a passive income? I mean, why people do not work hard to be rich. I mean what are the odds of becoming rich by becoming passive? For those who think that money just falls by investing in some plans, you will be deeply sorry. There are no free lunch in the world.


I guess people are just so gullible. So it is very important for people like me to create a solid business model.

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